Before video production

 1.  Have a look at asset libraries on Google drive so you can use them in the video.

2. We use following software: Adobe After Effects, Premier, Photo shop and Illustrator

3. Have a look on script and brief

4. Download / arrange all the material provided by the client in a separate folder.

5. Have a look of brand guide, if provided by the client, otherwise visit their website to understand the color scheme and fonts etc.

6. Brainstorming about the video and animations etc.

7. Arrangement of Voiceover (most of the time we use temporary VO for the first version). Temporary VO can be your own voice or can be arranged from some web site/application.


During video production

1. The vacancy videos should be professional in nature.

2. Copyrights: All the footage, music and images should be used by the permission of copyright holder. We have purchased assets on our Google drive.

3. First step is to finalize the VO i.e. fine-tuning of pauses and audio levels. After this step you know the expected duration of the video. Adobe Premier is the best tool for this purpose.

4. Select the background music at this step, it will help to make the animation or edit on the pace of music.

5. Always try to make 1080p (full-HD) video but if the provided footage is 720p then we can go with 720p also.

6. The video have three major segments, the opening, main video and the closing. Opening should be the client’s logo animation, duration can be 2-4 seconds. The closing must have the company logo, job title and call to action button. Closing slide also have line “Powered by Vicancy” at the bottom.

7. All the graphic elements, fonts and font color should reflect the brand guild or at least their website.

8. Always try to reduce the duration of video so if you are making some transition, it should be very fast.

9. All the videos should have caption margins, sample image is below:


10. Preferred file formats are Quicktime (.mov) and MPEG (.mp4)

After video production

1. Upload the video on Wipster in Check Vicancy folder


2. Update the video as per clients feedback